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Local Aid for Japan Earthquake Disaster

People around the world are searching for ways to help Japan. There are many charities and organizations who do charity work. The problem with those are your money gets spread around toward many efforts. That’s not bad. Lots of people need help. But if you are looking to have your donation more focused on aiding Japan in this time of crisis, your best effort would be to donate money or your own time through

CRASH stands for Christian Relief, Assistance, Support and Hope. Crash is a network supporting Christians to do relief work in Japan and around the world. CRASH equips and prepares churches and missions to be there to help their communities when disasters strike and coordinates Christian volunteers to work with local ministries in the event of a disaster.

Four CRASH teams traveled into the quake zone to scout locations for relief team base camps. Six areas have been identified as optimal sites:

Region 1 – Fukushima
Region 2 – South Sendai
Region 3 – North Sendai
Region 4 – Minami Sanrikucho
Region 5 – Morioka
Region 6 – Hachinohe

To help with CRASH efforts or to volunteer to help CRASH CLICK HERE

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