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Sakura Buds Coming Out

Just stopped by the park to check out the cherry trees and saw the buds are already out. Some of them are even green with a little pink showing.

It’s time to start cherry blossom watching! Cherry trees this spring could bloom a little earlier this year.

If you care about seeing the cherry blossoms in full-bloom, you had better start keeping an eye on the news.

Cherry blossoms come and go in a matter of weeks. Depending on your idea of the most beautiful cherry blossoms, whether it is when the blossoms are at the beginning, middle or end of their lives, to catch them at the right time takes planning.

Stay tuned into Kansai News and get up-to-date news on cherry blossoms around Kyoto and Osaka.

Expoland Park Shutdown

Expoland closed last Saturday as a result of the rollercoaster crash that sadly killed one young woman. It is still closed and there has been no date set for the reopening of the park.

Expoland has currenly disabled all links to information on the park in their home page in both Japanese and English. The only message available is a one expressing their condolences and a brief description of the tragic accident, their decision to close the park and try to keep any further accidents like the one on May 8th, 2007 from ever happening again.

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