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Submit Your Kansai News and Information

Do you like to write? Are you an aspiring journalist?

Kansai News is focused on sharing news and information in and around the Kansai area of Japan in the common language of English. As technology continues to evolve, so do we.

We invite you to become a volunteer writer and share your views and information on businesses, organizations, events, leisure, education, work, entertainment, food, culture, art, health, technology, tourism and shopping.

Join the site today and begin contributing your share of the news and information for the Kansai area of Japan in English!

Once you have registered and become Kansai News Member, log into the site. Once you have logged in you will find two links at the top right of the page, Control Panel and Write. Click one to begin using the site and/or post an article. Once you have posted your article, it will be reviewed and either admitted or declined based on the content.

If you wish to upload an avatar of yourself to let viewers see who you are, you may do so by clicking the Profile link also at the top right of the page.

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Reporting on the Swine Flu in the Kansai Area

While there are many news outlets in Japan and the Kansai area, very few report about the swine flu virus in English. Most news channels are carrying information about the virus currently spreading in the region, yet they fail to report much about it in English except during translated news reports on BBS.

From today, we will post information on the virus daily several times a day throughout the day where you can read and stay informed in English.

All reports on the swine flu virus will be posted to the Kansai Health category, which is visible on the front page of Kansai News.

If you find any information we have not reported on, please register and post your information. We will verify your report first before allowing it to go live to ensure quality and validity.

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