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Poor Momiji Reports

Talked with many momiji viewers who have already been to temples, shrines and parks to see the changing of the autumn leaves. Many seemed disappointed with what they saw. Most complained that only a few trees had changed colors so far.

If you have not been to see momiji yet, fear not. You are probably a lot better off not having been somewhere yet.

Look for trees to be more colorful this coming weekend. Trees out in open sunlight will have already begun changing if not already begun dropping leaves. They may be past the red color stage and begun turning brown. Trees deeper in the forests hidden by sunlight will be turning colors and some may even be still green. But by this weekend, maple trees should be turning lighter green to yellow, orange and red.

For the better momiji viewing experience, venture off the more trodden path. You will more likely find unique beautiful autumn settings worthy of picture taking!

Here are some of mine from yesterday’s momiji check.

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