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Momiji Viewing Areas in Kansai

In April, Japanese cherry blossoms bring in spring, while the Japanese momiji, known as the Japanese maple, announces autumn has come.

If you are traveling in Japan, make sure you come in autumn at least once in your lifetime to see the Japanese maples in their vibrant yellows, oranges and reds.

The best known areas to view maple trees are at shrines, temples and gardens. But Japanese maple trees are so abundant, you can just about see them anywhere you go. They are strewn along mountainsides and can be enjoyed even while riding a train.

Some of the best know places to view momiji in the Kansai area are:

  • Kiyomizudera – Overlooking the Kyoto valley from the temple mountainside.
  • Tofukuji – Take a walk through the garden and ravine or over the bridge looking down into the ravine.
  • Arashiyama – Enjoy a boat ride with someone special, take a stroll through the mountains to see momiji and monkeys or get in a boat and go downriver.
  • Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji – While Kinkakuji is picturesque with the Golden Pavilion in the background, Ginkakuji has a some beautifully lined streets of momiji.
  • Fushimi Inari Shrine – Not only will you see lots of momiji, but with equal brilliance in color, you can enjoy a long hike through the orange-colored prayer poles up the mountain to a view overlooking Kyoto.
  • Osakajo – Spring is beautiful while the cherry blossoms are in bloom, but Osakajo boasts a good amount of momiji along the many walkways around the park and along the moats.
  • Minoh Falls – If you like hiking, go to Minoh and walk up to the falls viewing momiji along the way. Make sure you wear a jacket because the pathway leading to the falls is well covered with trees and cooler as you hike further up the mountain path.
  • Senriyama Park – Many momiji line the paths and roads around the park. The park is also a nice place to enjoy peace and quiet close to the hustle and bustle of Osaka City life.
  • Todaiji Temple – View more momiji at this temple and surrounding parks than any other place! You can spend an entire day walking through Todaiji and the grounds around the temple and never run out of beautiful scenery, momiji or deer, which only add to the beauty and separate Nara from all other momiji areas.

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