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Saturday’s Gonna Be a Great Day for Hanami

Rain is forecast for tonight and early into tomorrow morning. But by sunrise tomorrow, the rain should taper off and the sun should come out to dry up the rain-soaked grass and dirt where most people will sit to enjoy cherry blossoms.

For diehard hanami participants, the rain is actually a blessing. Wet grass and dirt deter many from leaving their homes, which means those who do venture out will not have to beat the crowds to popular cherry blossom places.

So if you are thinking that the rain tonight is going to spoil your cherry blossom viewing tomorrow, you might want to stick to your plan because the sun will come out tomorrow and you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be beautiful anywhere cherry blossoms are blooming.

Tomorrow blossoms will be mankai (fully bloomed) in most places around the Kansai region. Just don’t forget to take a sheet or chair to sit on if you plan to sit and admire the blossoms, or else you may need a change of clothes!

Radiation Air-flow Pattern Over Osaka and Kyoto

According to the Norwegian institute for air research, tomorrow is not a good day to go outdoors in the Kansai region or anywhere else in western Japan, unless you don’t mind taking a chance on getting irradiated.

According to them, radiation coming from the Fukushima plant will be passing over the Kansai region starting tonight and throughout the rest of the day tomorrow.

Click this site for the air pattern and map. Radiated Air-flow Map

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