Beer Garden at Ramada, Osaka

The Ramada Osaka will open a beer garden on the hotel’s rooftop beginning on June 11th to September 12th for any beer lovers in the Kansai area!

Prices in comparison to other beer gardens are substantially lower and children can join in on the occasion, but of course cannot drink any beer. Advanced tickets for adults are 1500 yen and 2000 yen at the door. Chindren aged 13-19 are 1000 yen and 500 yen for children 6 to 12 years of age.

Snacks and other foods are available for and extra 300 yen.

If you wish to order the barbecue set, it is available for 5000 yen and serves 3 people.

For more information call (06) 6372-8662.

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Kyle Yates

Kyle Yates is an American English teacher living and working in the Kansai area since 1996.

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