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Swine Flu Hits Kobe and Osaka

The World Health Organization has confirmed that in the past few days the swine flu has gone from a handful of people to 52 cases with the majority being high school students who most likely contracted the virus from others while watching and participating in volleyball matches. »

Host Families needed in Kobe

Host families needed in Kobe! The Host Families for Foreign Students Communiction Center in Nagata Ward, Kobe, is seeking families to open their homes up to foreign students once or twice a month. The program aims to remove alienation felt by foreign students in Japan. Host family introductions will be made on May 31 at... »

Take the Torroko Romantic Train in Arashiyama

The famous Romantic Train in Arashiyama begins running its scenic tour along the Hozugawa river on March 1st and will continue running until December 29th. »

Mad Rush to Temples and Shrines

Christmas is only two days away! It is celebrated all over the world by Christians and non-Christians alike, especially in Japan where only about 1% of the population are Christian. However, in recent years, Christmas has gained in popularity even among non-Christians as the gift-giving part of the holiday catches on more with children... »

Approaching Momiji Season

People are gearing up for momiji season this year. It’s the HOT topic around Japan! Pamplets designed to inform people on momiji viewing places are being handed at stations, in neighborhoods and just about anywhere people gather. Anyone who wants to see the beautiful red, yellow and orange Japanese maple leaves before they fall... »

Momiji Viewing Areas in Kansai

In April, Japanese cherry blossoms bring in spring, while the Japanese momiji, known as the Japanese maple, announces autumn has come. If you are traveling in Japan, make sure you come in autumn at least once in your lifetime to see the Japanese maples in their vibrant yellows, oranges and reds. The best known areas to... »

Rainy Season Number 2 in Japan

Normally, rainy season is before summer. But with the recent wind currents snaking over the country, Japan has had tons more rain than it got during the official rainy season. While Tokyo has seen torrential rains and flooding, the Kansai region has also had its share of downpours and flooding. Now that typhoon season is officially... »

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