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Swine Flu in Osaka and Kobe Dropping

The number of individuals becoming infected with the swine flu, H1N1, is dropping and has been on the decline since May 20th according to data taken by the Japan Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry. »

Swine Flu Rises to 315

The majority of swine flu cases are in the Kobe-Osaka area of Japan and are increasing at a slow pace thanks to the efforts of health officials and people living in the area who are using precautions to keep the virus from spreading. »

Swine Flu Japan: Only 292 Cases Out of 127,288,416 Japanese

Time Magazine Online writes "In Japan, Swine Flu Spreading Quickly" and states at the beginning of the article: »

Add One to Shiga Raising the Total to 236

The total number of infected in Japan currently stands at 236 with 132 in Hyogo, 99 in Osaka and 1 in Shiga prefectures. The first person infected in Shiga prefecture is a young man in his mid twenties. Health officials have not verified how or where he picked up the virus, but are tracking his... »

186 Cases By the End of the Day

No huge jump in the number of people infected with the swine flu virus today. But officials estimate that those already infected with the virus have most likely come in contact with over 2900 others. So officials are anxiously awaiting more reports and trying to prepare in the meantime. Local health officials say that the... »

173 Swine Flu Patients in Osaka and Kobe

The latest number of people in the Osaka-Kobe area infected with swine flu currently stands at 173, a slightly lower number expected to be reported today thanks to the closing of schools in infected areas. »

130 Sick with Swine Flu in Osaka and Kobe

The number of infected with swine flu has now risen to 130 in the Osaka and Kobe areas since this morning and is expected to continue rising as more students who were exposed during last week’s volleyball matches surface. If you attended a sporting event with any team from the Osaka or Kobe areas last... »

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