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BBQ Time in Japan

Golden Week is a great time to have family and friends over. And for those of you who are choosing to stay put and stay home away from the heavy traffic that many roads will carry this Golden Week, a great way to spend Golden Week is to have a BBQ! »

Flower Fesitval

The Nagai Botanical Garden in Higashi-Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka will hold a flower festival from May 12 to 17 beginning at 10am until 4:30pm. Various events will be held during the festival. People attending the festival will be able to enjoy handicrafts and gardening lessons. Herbal tea will be served for free during the event. Admission... »

Kyoto Cherry Blossoms at 70%

For cherry blossom lovers, Kyoto is not yet in full bloom. Blossoms are currently at 60 to 70 percent. With the latest rain and warm weather cherry blossoms should begin opening up and be mankai, be in full bloom, soon. »

Japanese Onsen: Hot Springs Everywhere in the Kansai Area

Do you like hot springs? If so, then if you visit Japan, you will feel like you are in Heaven...if you don't mind taking your clothes off and bathing with a bunch of other naked people; usually same-sex, not the opposite. »

Coffee Lesson at Starbucks in Sanjo

Did you know Starbucks gives lessons on how to make coffee and what foods to serve along with the dark brew? Starbucks on Sanjo in Kyoto gave a lesson to mothers with newborn babies. Starbucks staff sectioned off an area in the back of the shop for roughly 2 hours. Mother pushed their baby strollers... »

IKEA Grand Opening April 14

The IKEA Grand Opening is this month and only a few days away! »

Perfect Weekend

Yesterday and today were perfect hanami days. It was the best weekend the Kansai area has seen in several years. Throngs of people were out enjoying the beautiful weather and cherry blossoms. The temperature yesterday was perfect. There was a slight breeze and the skies were mostly clear with only high upper clouds shading the... »

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