Kansai Shopping

Buying Omiyage from Japan

Ever have a problem deciding what souvenir to buy from Japan? The hardest thing about buying souvenirs in Japan is not deciding what, but which. Japan has an abundance of souvenirs to choose from. Some of the more popular items people choose are: green teas dried seafood items Japanese candies chocolates cookies clothes fashion accessories kimonos and yukatas fans chopsticks combs tea cups and/or sets Japanese cloth Japanese shoes,... »

Canceling My Costco Membership

Since Costco came into Japan, many stores have popped up offering almost as low prices for items of similar size and quality. Some stores even offer items made in America at low prices, but not many. Although they are not made by the same manufacturers, most items I frequently buy at Costco like sausages,... »

Costco Amagasaki Bringing in New Members

Yesterday, we drove to Costco like we usually do once a month on Sundays after church. But it was no ordinary visit to Costco yesterday. When we rounded the corner driving up to Costco, cars were lined along the street waiting to get into either Costco or Carefour parking lot. The cars were lined up... »

NU Chayamachi in Umeda

NU Chayamachi is a few minutes walk east of Umeda and home to over 75 shops featuring fashions, gourmet dining, music and lifestyle products. It has fast become one of Osaka most recognized landmarks from its unique exterior design. If don’t get off work until late, don’t worry. You can still get some good shopping... »

Kuzuha Mall, Osaka

There’s a convenient new shopping mall in the Kansai area called Kuzuha Mall. Well not actually new. It’s really an old mall that was torn down almost completely and given a facelift. The new version is completely different, very convenient and worth the effort to visit and shop at, even if it is far... »

Shopping at Blossom Outlet in Osaka

The most popular shops for foreigners are located on the fourth and fifth floors. Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Mont Bell, Canterbury of New Zealand and Columbia are on the fourth floor. Timberland, Edwin, Levis and Osh Kosh are on the fifth floor. Nike has about the best prices and selection of shoes compared to the... »

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