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Back to School in Kansai

Dressed in light summer uniforms, Japanese students are heading back to school to see friends. Many are laughing and giggling with the schoolmates as they stand lined on platforms waiting for the train to take them to the place they will spend most of their adolescent years before they begin working full-time. It’s exciting... »

Rainy Season Almost Over

As rainy season ends, humidity rises and the really hot summer weather begins to set in. Most foreigners have left the area for cooler climates. The only foreigners still in the Kansai area are those who had no other choice but to stay either because they had to work or because they couldn’t... »

Rainy Season is Here

Rainy season has arrived. It officially started back at the end of the first week in June, but didn’t really kick in until two weeks ago. Rain has been forecast for about every day of the week except for a few days last week. Expect rain each day this week too! »

Buying Omiyage from Japan

Ever have a problem deciding what souvenir to buy from Japan? The hardest thing about buying souvenirs in Japan is not deciding what, but which. Japan has an abundance of souvenirs to choose from. Some of the more popular items people choose are: green teas dried seafood items Japanese candies chocolates cookies clothes fashion accessories kimonos and yukatas fans chopsticks combs tea cups and/or sets Japanese cloth Japanese shoes,... »

Michael Jackson Dies at 50! May He Rest in Peace

Michael Jackson died today at the young age of 50! The news of his death comes as a complete shock! Early reports say he died of a heart attack. It's difficult to believe anyone with his stature would die at such a young age, especially from a heart attack. But taking into consideration all the... »

Gion Festival Float Tour

On July 13th from 2:30 to 6:30 pm up to 20 non-Japanese residents are invited to see how to build two Gion Festival floats - Kikusui Boko and Kita Kannon Yama - decorated with beautiful tapestries. »

Japan Job Fair for Foreign Students

Osaka International House will host a job fair on June 28 from 1 to 6 pm.  Major and midsize retail businesses and manufacturers will have booths for students to learn about each company. There will be a seminar on how to find a job in Japan as well as legal advice on how to get... »

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