Rainy Season Almost Over

By Kyle Yates

As rainy season ends, humidity rises and the really hot summer weather begins to set in. Most foreigners have left the area for cooler climates. The only foreigners still in the Kansai area are those who had no other choice but to stay either because they had to work or because they couldn’t afford the high summer airfare. Either way, they are going to have to tough it out in heat and humidity.

If you are planning to visit in the Kansai region, be prepared to take lots of showers. However, in all reality, it isn’t much to worry about because Japan is home to many onsens and public baths. Take a nice hot bath or onsen and then cool off in the lobby under the air conditioning with a beer or sake and some nice Japanese food. It doesn’t get much better than that, even if outside is almost unbearable.

Read more about the author of this post:  Kyle Yates is an American English teacher living and working in the Kansai area since 1996. Read more from this author

Shoulder to Shoulder at Costco Amagasaki
Costco is hitting TV in the Osaka area with huge success. TV infomercials about Costco are attracting hundreds and thousands to the Amagasaki store. Yesterday, there were so many shoppers, the streets leading to the store were backed up for blocks. Inside the store was so packed with people, it was difficult maneuvering carts. Shoppers were literally elbow to elbow on both sides of the cart. Whatever the reason, whether it is from the large number of shoppers or the economy, prices at Costco in some areas have dropped. Sausages, cheese, and coffees are down, while meats are up. Wine and other… Continue reading
Sports Day Coming Soon!

Sports Day for many schools is on a Saturday in September or October. It is a day set aside once a year when students, faculty and families come together at school to dance, run races and enjoy time together. Most schools have to Sports Days. One is for students only, where families come and watch their children perform, run and do games. The other is for students and families to enjoy doing races, obstacle courses and games together. They are usually one or two weeks apart.

At either Sports Day, parents and family members come to the event early in the… Continue reading

Dressed in light summer uniforms, Japanese students are heading back to school to see friends. Many are laughing and giggling with the schoolmates as they stand lined on platforms waiting for the train to take them to the place they will spend most of their adolescent years before they begin working full-time. It's exciting now, but in a few days the enjoyment of going to school will be a watward thought of the past. They won't enjoy going to school again until their next break is over, winter, and then once they begin working full-time as they think back over… Continue reading

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