Bicycle Thieves in Kyoto

Bicycle thieves are on the loose in Kyoto! 25 bicycles have been stolen around Sanjo area of Kyoto in the past week. The police are out in full standing on street corners stopping people on bicycles riding by.

One girl was stopped by a policeman after crossing the Sanjo bridge. The policeman quickly ran her bicycle registration number and then questioned her. After being questioned by the officer, the girl pushed her bicycle to the crosswalk where she began to wait for the lights to change. While she was waiting, she began to cry. The policeman wasn’t rough with her as he questioned her. But apparently the ordeal was too much for her emotionally. She must have been having a bad day and that just added to it. Either that or she was embarrassed by the whole thing.

So if you ride a bicycle in the Kyoto area, be ready to be stopped by police, make sure your bicycle is your own and was purchased at a reputable store.

If you need to do some shopping in Kyoto, make sure you lock your bicycle up with a good lock. The police don’t know who the thief or thieves are, whether they are kids out having fun, stealing to make new bicycles or what. They have no clues according to one officer. They only thing they can do right now is try and find a stolen bicycle and go from there.

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Kyle Yates

Kyle Yates is an American English teacher living and working in the Kansai area since 1996.

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