Osakajo: An Amazing 3D Illumination Show

Osaka Castle, otherwise known as Osakajo, is presenting a three-dimensional mapping display on the castle building at night. The show begins just after dark and is shown many times during the night until 10:30 and occasionally until 11pm depending on the days of the week. It is an amazing event to see and is only being show until February 16th.

Tickets can be purchased at convenient stores in advance or at the castle. But be aware that there is only one entrance into the castle during this event and the line can be very long. If you have pre-purchased tickets you won’t have to wait quite as long as others standing in line to buy their tickets.

The 3D mapping show is displayed on the castle building as beautifully orchestrated music is played over loud speakers. It is similar to being at a concert, but no live bands. Food can be purchased outside and within the castle walls. But if you are hungry before you enter, you are better off eating beforehand as prices are much higher inside Osaka Castle walls.

Ticket prices vary depending on the day of the week, holidays and other designated days.

Adult ticket prices are 1,600 to 2,000 yen
Children (4-year old – Elementary school student) 950 to 1,200 yen