Typhoon Halong Approaching Kansai

It feels like we just had a typhoon. Oh, actually, we did. One typhoon just passed by Japan’s main island through the Japan Sea. Korea got the brunt end of that last storm. However, this time around, Japan is getting a beating!

Halong has already hit Okinawa and is currently in the Kyushu area headed our way. Wakayama, Nara, Mie, Kyoto and Osaka are all getting tons of rain.

Areas are expected to receive between 80 and 120 milliliters of rain an hour and up to 700ml in all. Warnings of this high amount of rain falling is unusual. Average rainfall is 150 to 200ml at a time. Occasional warnings coming in with numbers as high as 450ml. For a warning of 700ml to be expected means there will definitely be damage afterwards.

Travel safely, if you are in Japan. Watch for flash flooding nearby rivers and streams.