Seeking Musicians

By Kyle Yates

The Phoenix Hall in the Kita Ward of Osaka is offering the hall to talented musicians free of charge on select dates in 2011 as a part of arts and cultural activities sponsored by Nissay Dowa General Insurance Company, which operates the venue.

The hall will be available February 2, March 2, July 6 and August 3.

Anyone wishing to use the hall can obtain an application form from the website Phoenix Hall. Thr deadline to apply is January 29.

For more information call (06) 6363-0211.

Redeveloping Umeda

At the end of this month, Osaka will begin redeveloping the Umeda Kita Yard, north of JR Osaka Station, where about 2.5 million passengers of railways and subway lines pass through daily… Continue reading

Get Out the Samura Sword

The relationship between America and Japan has been strained by the recent Toyota malfunctions. However, if the people of Japan have their way, the relationship will continue to stay strong as most Japanese are worried more about their relationship with America than the Toyota company itself.

Japanese have their ears to the tracks listening for any and all news of what’s going on in America concerning Toyota. One concern for many is that Toyota upper management may have sacrificed profit for safety, in which case, if true, would be disastrous for the company and damaging to the relationship between America… Continue reading

Daisuke Takahashi Wins Bronze!

Daisuke Takahashi is the 2010 Olympic bronze medalist!

Daisuke performed well enough to get the bronze medal in the 2010 Olympics even after falling on his quad attempt at the beginning of his last program giving Japan its first Olympic medal in a men’s singles figure skating event.

Learn to Skate Faster!

Takahashi is a student at Kansai University in Osaka. In Osaka, Japan, he trains under coach Utako Nagamitsu.

Way to go Daisuke! Everyone in the Kansai… Continue reading

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