Foreigner Models Mostly European

Japanese love foreigners. I guess it’s because most are the complete opposite of Japanese, loud, noisy, obnoxious, and tall. Companies also love foreigners, but mostly the tall, thin, blonde-haired and blue-eyed ones. If you look at magazines, advertisements and TV ads, the majority of the foreign models and actors fit this profile.

Considering how many Americans live in Japan and the Kansai area alone, you’d think many of the models would be American. But that isn’t true. This may be from the fact that so many Americans are fat and overweight! Okay, maybe it’s not because they’re fat. Whatever the reason, most foreigner models and actors in Japan are European.

If you fit this profile, European or not, and would like to model or try your hand at TV,
you’ve got a good chance at getting a job. Contact one of the many modeling and TV agencies in the Kansai area and give it a try!


This agency takes on foreigners of all ages for various
jobs and registration
is free.


Creamy has been around for over 30 years and cast kids for a variety of work ranging from printwork to commercials. Creamy welcomes children from babies to teens to join. No charge necessary to register.

Forza Model Management

This Osaka-based agency also has a Tokyo branch. If necessary, they will assist with sponsorship and finding accommodations.
FUM International

FUM takes on a wide range of foreign models and actors, placing them in commercials,
print ads and on radio. If models cannot speak Japanese, a staff member will go along on shoots to translate. No charge necessary.

Group Echo
This agency in Osaka also has branches in Nagoya and Tokyo. Echo registers models,
actors, and narrators of all ages for free.

Japan Model Agency

This Umeda-based agency registers aspiring models and actors for commercials, print
ads and catalogues for ¥3,000. JMA also takes head shots twice a month for those willing
to pay an additional ¥21,000. The cost may be a little more upfront, but this
agency has clients willing to pay anywhere from ¥10,000 to ¥100,000 per job.

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