Hiroshima Peace Festival on August 6

Hiroshima Peace Festival on August 6

While Hiroshima is not in the Kansai area of Japan, it is close. Besides that, it’s one of the most important festivals throughout Japan.


Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Memorial Day service is held every year on August 6th to commemorate the dropping of the A-bomb on Hiroshima during World War II. It is Hiroshima’s most important event of the year and started back in 1947.

There are many reasons behind the event. One purpose is to console the souls of the dead. Others demonstrate for peace and others pray for peace.

The opening ceremony is held at the Memorial Tomb in Peace Park. Prominent guests lay wreaths at the tomb, and a declaration of peace is read. At 8:15 AM, the time of the bombing, the Peace Bell is rung and sirens and bells throughout the city join in as people sing songs of peace.

In the evening, Buddhist sutras are read and small lighted paper lanterns are set afloat down the Ota and Kyobashi rivers.

For more information about the festival, contact the Hiroshima Peace Park Museum at 81-82-242-7798.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
1-2 Nakajimama-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City 730-0811, Japan