Is It True That Infrared Sauna Causes Cancer

Is It True That Infrared Sauna Causes Cancer

Infrared sauna which has become popular as skin rejuvenating and weight controlling technique gives immense health benefits. Of late many people wanting to reduce weight and relax body are using it as a great stress buster. But there are people who opine that there is risk of getting skin cancer because of excessive heat produced. The radiation and waves are likely to cause damage to the skin and might cause cancer. To see if the observations are correct, some International commissions have made some researches. The findings have come as good news to sauna lovers which say that skin cancer cannot be caused by Infrared radiation.

Moreover they also found that infrared sauna can actually help spreading of cancerous cells. Journal of cancer science and therapy found that after taking infrared sauna for a continuous 30 days resulted in slowing down of cancerous cells by 86%. By using infrared technology people were able to minimise the spread of cancer causing tumours.  Finally they decided that there is no connection between cancer and infrared sauna. It can on the other hand help to reduce the tumour.

But why did people think this way?

There is a danger of getting skin cancer ultra violet rays of the sun. This caused people think that the rays in Infrared saunas also might affect the skin. Researchers proved that the rays in ultraviolet and Infrared are not one and the same.  UV rays can even damage to eyes if directly looked at the sun.

Though researchers have made it clear that there is no risk of cancer with Infrared methodology, they advise patients to always a doctor before taking up sessions. They can start the therapy once the doc nullifies all reports and gives a clean report to the patient to be medically fit to undergo the process.

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