How Many Times a Week Should You Use an Infrared Sauna

How Many Times a Week Should You Use an Infrared Sauna?

Relaxation techniques help a person get relieved of every day stress. Out of many relaxation therapies used, heat therapies are undoubtedly stand the foremost because of the instant and long lasting relief that they offer.  Infrared sauna is a kind of heat therapy which uses heat and light to detoxify exhausted body there by re energising it.

Infrared radiation is an electronic magnetic radiation and is emitted by heated objects which, when applied on human body cause to sweat and help to release toxins. The body prone to radiation increases temperature by getting exposed to heat and releases sweat which, according to some researches gives many positive effects. On the other hand, there are oppositions to this theory saying it is not recommended to be used on a regular basis.

Let us check if it is true and what should one do as a pre-requisite.

Take control of alcohol intake:

If you are planning to spend for more hours in a sauna be sure not to consume too much of alcohol. Your body needs to be hydrated pre and post session. So it is better not to use any intoxicating substances and start taking gradual sessions until your body gets used to it.

Ideal period of sessions:

Though there is no exact number recommendation, experts say there is no harm in taking daily sessions.  Ideally, people take 3-4 times a week and observe overall improvement. The duration of the session can be anywhere between 45 minutes to one hour.

Post session cooling:

Once your body excretes unnecessary toxins and starts sweating, your overall body sets to cool. This is an indication that you are rejuvenating. Take little rest and when ready take a shower. This will give you ultimate relaxation. After the shower, remember to take electrolyte drink to supplement lost fluids.

If you take proper care measures,  infrared sauna can be taken regularly.

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