Can Infrared Sauna Help in Weight Loss

Can Infrared Sauna Help in Weight Loss?

It is essential to keep you body fit and healthy. A healthy body results in healthy mind and aids in over all physical and mental development.  Maintaining a healthy weight is an important factor which determines the health of a person.  Healthy weight even increases life span according to experts.  Infrared Sauna, which uses light and heat therapies in relaxing the body is found to have decreasing body weight.  The light emission and heat radiation together release pores and cause the body to sweat a lot. This in turn helps in shedding out toxins and other waste materials which means clean and rejuvenated body.

This has dual benefit- one for the skin and another for healthy body.

Infrared Sauna Helps in Healthy Weight Balance

Many people wonder how infrared sauna can help in weight loss. It is just that body sheds off extra waste and infrared heat technology which produces heat and sweat helps in burning calories. It is also proved that it helps in reducing waist circumference in a very short time.

In traditional saunas where it is suffocating because of excessive heat, too much of sweat and tiredness it is not always possible to get desired results. On the other hand, in Infrared sauna the process is slow and steady and heat reaches gradually in to the body. Also in certain health cases like osteoporosis, cardiovascular and respiratory conditions it is not possible to take so much of heat.

Some American and British medical associations have found that it is possible to lose weight rapidly with infrared sauna sessions. Certain experiments made on patients have also shown that many have lost nearly 600 calories in a short time.  Because of excessive heat produced, the body has to work hard to cool itself. This also demands fast cardiac activity , metabolic rate and losing more calories. All these in result in healthy weight loss.

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