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Costco Ringing in People’s Ears in Kyoto

Costco has projected the new Kyoto store located in Yawatashi would open around the end of July beginning of August. From the outside, the building looks ready to open for business. But the doors aren’t open yet.

Residents living just across the street from the unfinished store have been complaining to other residents about hearing loud construction noises, banging and clanging, late at night. My guess is probably because Costco headquarters is flexing their corporate muscles to make the opening date.

Local residents have mixed feelings about the store opening up in their neighborhood. Many feel that traffic will become worse than it already is. However, those who like shopping at Costco, look forward to shopping closer to home than having to drive 1 1/2 hours away to Costco in Amagasaki, Hyogo.

Those of us eager to shop at Costco closer to home will have to wait a little while longer till the ribbon has been cut and the doors officially swing open. About a month and a half to go. I can already smell the pizza and hotdogs!

Shorts Days for Japanese Workers

The Tohoku earthquake and tsunamis caused an amazing amount of damage to the northern area of Japan. Aside from the thousand of lives taken, homes and businesses completely wiped out, Japan as a nation has dealt with the damage with exemplary success by pulling together by all means necessary.

Businesses throughout Japan have sought to help by sending supplies and workers to the effected region. People have cut power to their homes and businesses. Schools have even contributed by cutting power, turning off air conditioners and heaters, depending on temperatures outside. Likewise, businesses around Japan are turning off the A/C.

In order to help those working at companies choosing to switch off the coolers, business attire rules are being bent or changed.

Workers in Japan, depending on the companies, are being told they can come to work in shorts, Hawaiian shirts and sandals to combat the heat this summer. No more business suits, white shirts and ties! Men and women can go to work in casual attire and dress down in order to save power and do their part to help rebuild the Tohoku region of Japan.


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