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Shopping at Blossom Outlet in Osaka

The most popular shops for foreigners are located on the fourth and fifth floors. Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Mont Bell, Canterbury of New Zealand and Columbia are on the fourth floor. Timberland, Edwin, Levis and Osh Kosh are on the fifth floor. Nike has about the best prices and selection of shoes compared to the other outlet shops with Reebok coming in second. Mont Bell and Timberland are a toss-up as far as prices are concerned. Timberland has mostly just clothing and shoes and their prices on shoes are usually a little cheaper than Mont Bell. But Mont Bell has tons of hiking, camping and kayaking equipment for the sincere outdoor person.

Blossom has a website and some of it is in English, but it is very limited. The best part about their site is their flash maps of the stores on each level.

Blossom Outlets

There are several ways to reach this large outlet. The cheapest route is by bicycle or motorbike. The second cheapest is by train and the most expensive way to get there is by car because the parking fees are so steep.
To access Blossom, you can take the Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line (light green line on most subway maps) to Kadoma Minami station. It is a short distance from there. Just follow the crowds of people. They will most likely be going there too.

If you decide to drive there by car, make sure you buy something so you can get your parking ticket validated otherwise be prepared to pay a hefty fee for parking. Validation is down on the first floor at the help center right in the middle of the place.

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